Lightworker traits

How to rekindle your spirits

Our inner spirit can be damaged by outside forces. Even though our spirit is very strong, it is also vulnerable to taking a blow when we get hurt emotionally or physically.

The inner spirit can be fine tuned and many people have done this They know all of the great characteristics that define who they are and they use them for the benefit of others. However there are many who have no clue about what their inner spirit is. Life has rocked them so deeply they have forgotten who they are and what they are really made of.

The inner spirit is like a flame, there are time when the flame will be burning very brightly and then there will be times when the flame is barely seen.

If your light should dim, there are some things that you can do to make it burn more brightly. Stop, it’s that easy, just stop what you’re doing. Press the pause button. See how small you are in this huge world we live in. Look at all the great traits that you possess. Begin to see all the joy you bing into this world and start to love yourself. If you have deserted your greatness, do something that best connects you to your soul. What makes your spirit liven up ? Is it music, dance, art, knowledge or a sport? Take the time to do what you love to do. Take some time out and meditate. When you meditate you go inside and find answers that you are looking for. It soothes the soul. Go for a walk in nature. It will calm your heart and mind, nature has a way of refreshing you. Whatever your life possesses, you will find wonder in nature. Nature speaks to you but you have to be open to listen to it.

Seeing yourself in others is so important. You can also revive your spirit through other people. The role you play in other peoples lives, begin to notice how important it is. It can through your children, spouse, co-workers, parents, neighbors, friends, relatives and so on. You have such strong impact on others.

You have an impact on the universe as well. In a world so vast as ours you wouldn’t think that one person can make a change, but you can. We continually have donations being sent to other countries to help them out. This is one unfamiliar hand touching another. To help the universe, we do this by protecting our vital resources.


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